Uri Yanay



Compensation and Assistance for Victims of Violent Crime


Ph.D; MA; BA, Social Work, Hebrew University

Uri Yanay /
Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Uri Yanay is Professor Emeritus at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and fills a variety of academic positions, including coordinating and administrative tasks. He teaches selected courses dealing with personal social services, victimization and conflict resolution through mediation and a “restorative justice” perspective. Most of his students are in social work and welfare studies as well as conflict resolution, law and public administration at Hebrew University. In the past he directed social services for the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council. As part of his postdoctoral studies at the Universities of Kent and London School of Economics, Professor Yanay specialized in evaluating welfare programs. He holds a PhD, MA and BA in social work from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has been invited to lecture at Yale University (the United States), Oxford (England), University of British Columbia (Canada), as well the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne (Australia). Professor Yanai served as a member of the State Commission to Commemorate Terror Victims (the Maltz Commission) and the inter-ministerial committee for rehabilitation of crime victims (the Karp Commission). He likewise was an advisor during the enactment of the Rights of Victims of Crime Law in Israel, as well as advising the programs recently initiated by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services in this area. In recent years, his academic research and publications have focused on analysis of governmental policy, relief services, governmental care and welfare intended for victims of terror and violent crime.