Workshop: Ministry of Social Equality

Senior staff from Israel’s Ministry of Social Equality office attended a workshop at the Taub Center.

Date: July 31, 2016

Senior staff from Israel’s Ministry of Social Equality, including Director General Avi Cohen, attended a workshop at the Taub Center to learn more about the Center’s research on social welfare policy and findings on the inequalities in Israeli society. The workshop included presentations from Taub Center Executive Director Prof. Avi Weiss, Principal Researcher John Gal, and Researcher Haim Bleikh.

Prof. Weiss spoke about the activities and goals of the Taub Center and provided an overview of the Center’s most recent research findings. Haim Bleikh discussed poverty and inequality among Israel’s elderly and how this population compares with elderly populations in other countries. John Gal wrapped up the day with a conversation about social security in Israel and the relationship between social security and poverty.

The event concluded with a lively and enthusiastic discussion that touched on a number of the topics presented.