Yaakov Loupo




PhD, Sociology, Sorbonne University, 2002; MA, Hebrew University, 1997; BA, History and Political Science in Israel, 1969

Yaakov Loupo /
Labor Policy Program Fellow

In recent years Dr. Loupo has been involved with teaching and education and has taught history and civics at the Harel High School in Mevasseret Zion. In 1969, he completed his BA in Jewish History and Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1997, he completed his MA at the Institute of Contemporary Jewry of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and completed doctoral studies in Sociology at the University of Paris (Sorbonne) in 2002. He was a research fellow at the Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies in Jerusalem and won a Holocaust Memorial research scholarship jointly funded by the Jewish community and the French Government. In 1973-1976 and in 1980-1982 he served as emissary to the Jewish community in France. He is currently Director of the French Desk at the Jerusalem Foundation. His publications include:  Haredi Turning Point – Professional Training and Academic Study (2003, Hebrew); Lithuania Shas – the Lithuanian Take-over of Moroccan Torah Scholars (2004, Hebrew; 2007, French); Shall Shas Restore the Former Glory? (2004, Hebrew); Haredi Opposition to Haredi Yeshiva High Schools (2007, Hebrew); and more.