Yarom Ariav




Yarom Ariav /
Economics Policy Program Fellow

Yarom Ariav served as Director-General of the Ministry of Finance from 2007-2009. In this capacity, he guided the Israeli economy through the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 with notable success, and was responsible for formulating and implementing Israeli economic policy both before and during the crisis. Ariav chaired the steering committee that oversaw Israel’s OECD membership process, and played a key role in instituting major economic and social reforms. Before entering government service, Ariav was CEO of ICL Fertilizers Europe from 2002-2006; during his tenure as CEO he merged and managed all of the firm’s production and marketing activities in Europe. Prior to that, he held a number of positions in Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL), including company representative to South America; he served as the Director of the company SQM in Chile, Senior Vice President of Marketing at the company Rotem Amfert and Senior Vice President of Marketing at ICL Fertilizers. From 1985-1993, Ariav worked in the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance; among the positions he held was that of Deputy Director of Budgets, responsible for the budgets of economics-related ministries. During this time, he was intensely involved in formulating policy aimed at encouraging research and development; he advanced the establishment of the Yozma Group and spearheaded reforms in the import, energy and agricultural spheres, among others. Since leaving the Ministry of Finance, Ariav has been involved in initiating and implementing economic and social-oriented projects. He is the Executive Chair of Lavi Capital, an investment bank that specializes in infrastructure, with an emphasis on Europe. He chairs the Lod Foundation and the investment committee of Amitim Pension Funds. He is also an external director of the company Alony Hetz and chair of the Tel Aviv Global & Tourism initiative.