Yigal Ben-Shalom




Ph.D, Haifa University

Yigal Ben-Shalom /
Social Welfare Policy Program Fellow

Dr. Ben-Shalom has lectured over the years at Bar-Ilan, Ben-Gurion and Haifa Universities, on social policy and implementing the rights of children and youth in Israel. During his career he has served in many public positions, such as CEO of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and, among other roles, in that capacity, headed the Committee for Children and Youth at Risk. He also served as CEO of the National Insurance Institute (NII), and was involved in preparing NII for implementing laws approved during those years, including the Guaranteed Income Act, Unemployment Insurance Act and the Nursing Act. During his tenure as CEO of NII (2004-2008), a new master plan was laid out for the institution; negative income tax was introduced, and targets were set for reducing poverty and increasing employment. At the end of his tenure, Dr. Ben-Shalom returned to academics, and was appointed Head of the Social Policy Program at Beit Berl College and Vice President of the College. Dr. Ben-Shalom was chairman of the Israel Civilian Leadership Association, the umbrella organization of all non-profits in Israel. Dr. Ben-Shalom served as chairman of “Milbat”, an organization which develops aids for disabled and elderly people. Dr. Ben-Shalom represented the Voluntary Sector at the Inter-Sectoral Roundtable and was Roundtable co-chair. Currently Dr. Ben-Shalom serves as chairman of the Adler Institute, chairman of the Association to Foster Society and Culture, and chairman of the Lalan (a Jewish Agency company). He has a PhD from the University of Haifa. During his career, he has trained and studied in the United States in the field of social security.